Successful Wedding and Event Design is Rooted in Intentional Details and Unique Design Stories.

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A graduate from the University of Mississippi with a degree in Hospitality Management, Emily knows that high level hospitality merges practical logistics and memorable experiences. 

Emily Taylor Weddings confidently handles each and every detail both logistically and aesthetically. Through precision planning and idyllic design, we will craft an experience your guests won't stop talking about.


emily sanders taylor

Principal Planner and Designer

Guided by her familiarity in residential interior design, her primary sources of inspiration are art, and the colors, textures, and pattern play found in professionally designed and well executed homes. 

Emily's adeptness at private estate weddings and vast experience in the complexities of constructing an event from the ground up have garnered her a distinguised reputation in the Southeast.

Clients appreciate Emily's extensive knowledge of the industry, her discerning eye, and calm and straight forward demeanor. 

— alexander graham bell

to success.

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Before anything else,

Emily Taylor Weddings is the ideal match for the couple who wants to arrive at their wedding weekend unburdened and able to genuinely feel the days as they unfold. We believe that the gift of presence should extend beyond the couple to include their families so everyone can fully revel in hosting their closest friends and family.
Our clients desire creating spaces that feel personal by incorporating aspects like their grandmother's fine antique linens, a familiar pattern reminiscent of their family's home, and color palettes pulled from their favorite piece of art in their collection. They desire an event that is tailored to their taste and welcoming to their guests.

Our clients are generous, hospitable, and frankly, here for a good time.

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